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White water rafting
Eira Ski Lodge in summer
Summer in the Aran Valley
The beautiful Arran Valley

Summer Holidays and Activities

In summer you can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities in the beautiful Aran Valley, such as rock climbing and via ferrata, hiking, mountain biking, rafting and canyoning. There are no glaciers to speak of so no danger of crevasses or serac falls.

In addition to all the sporting activities available, this is also an area rich in history, nature and culture. Many species of wildlife exist in the valley, including eagles, roe deer, marmotes, and chamois. Most villages have a summer festival, where traditional crafts and activities are demonstrated. These villages form a 'Romantic route' of  12th century churches and are physically connected by the “Camin Reiau” (Royal Walk) footpath, which dates back to Roman times.

Eira Ski Lodge in summer
In the evenings we will be providing dinner at the lodge by request. This is not included in the room price and will be €30 per head excluding drinks. There are around two hundred restaurants in the valley for those who want to eat out.